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Whether you're an entrepreneur, freelancer, or remote employee, our backyard offices offer the ultimate flexibility to work whenever and wherever you want. Enjoy the freedom of working from home while still having a professional space separate from your living area. It also helps maintain a clear boundary between personal and professional life, which can improve productivity and work-life balance.

It’s time to embrace the flexibility of remote work with our backyard offices. In a world where flexibility is key, our thoughtfully designed and expertly constructed office spaces offer you a peaceful retreat just steps away from home.

Let’s design your West Portland home office or studio

Introducing our innovative backyard office solution—a heated and cooled shed that seamlessly blends practicality with space-saving design. With our expert general construction, we can build you a perfectly sized backyard office to blend with your backyard without overwhelming the landscape. With efficient heating and cooling systems, you can work year-round in a cozy, distraction-free environment. Say goodbye to cramped indoor spaces, and hello to a spacious, productive oasis right in your backyard.

Studio sheds and home studios

With a dedicated space separate from your home, you can focus, create, and innovate without distractions. If you’re an artist, this separate space provides a quiet and inspirational environment. For business professionals and consultants who work from home, you may find it beneficial to have a dedicated backyard office. 

If you’re a writer, web designer, therapist, or any other remote worker, a home studio offers a quiet and professional space to conduct business meetings, meet with clients, or work on projects without the interruptions of home life. Even YouTubers need a quiet place to make videos, so give us a call!

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